Monday, October 21, 2013

Anne-Marie Chagnon

I treated myself to these two pieces of art jewelry.
Recently I discovered jewelry by Anne-Marie Chagnon.
She came to my attention because she uses a fair amount of resin in her creations.
To say I loved her work is an understatement.
Happily she is based in Montreal and I found some of her pieces in a store in Toronto's West End.
I am certain that I will be collecting her work for years to come....and I made it super easy for people to purchase gifts for me!


Anonymous said...

I love her work also...I have a number of pieces of hers, bracelets and rings and they are so beautiful and different.

Véronique Martel said...

Thank you for that! I have the great pleasure of working for Anne-Marie and just came across this post.

Please, do send us your contact info and we'll keep you posted on news, events, launches and others that may interest you! :)