Friday, August 30, 2013

My Favorite Place To Vacation - My Backyard

There is something incredibly special about the place where I live.
My home is in Caledon, Ontario.
This really is a place people visit on vacation.  The hills that surround us offer limitless opportunities for walks and outdoor activities.  It is horse country.  It is farm country.
My backyard looks upon a corn field and so does my front door.
We moved here almost two years ago and we have been documenting the most extraordinary weather. 
We have had two "storms of the decade" this year.  
One storm with flooding that I have never experienced before and a second with tornado warnings and awful wind gusts.  I think because our view is so unobstructed we can really see mother nature in action. 

My necklace features a pendant I made with one of the photos from the storm in July.
This sentiment is becoming my motto.
My piece salutes the  The Challenge of Travel - Staycation Edition blog hop that Erin Prais-Hintz organized with over 50 bloggers.
The Challenge goes like this... investigate something special about your own hometown. Go for a walk, sample some new cuisine, talk to the locals and see what they love about where you live. Then make something creative to showcase what you have discovered.   I chose to share with you some of the wonderful photos my husband and I have taken on our own property.  
The clouds in Caledon seem to touch the ground.
Sunsets and sunrises appear to be staged for a movie.  The show is daily.
Lightening really does strike twice...often.
The moon over Caledon is big and bright.  Some days it chooses to spend part of the day with us.
Even the fog creates a misty effect Hollywood would kill for.
The snow drifts are deep and actually remain white for the season.
Perhaps the best part of living in Caledon?
If you look south on a beautiful clear morning you can still see Toronto.
If I have learned anything about my home it is this;
The storm will pass.
I live here.  
Paradise is my backyard.

To read about everyone else's staycation go to Erin's blog linked here.


Wendy said...

Carmi, this is a beautiful post and the necklace is very lovely. Your dramatic cloud photographs were amazing. And how true is the sentiment on your pendant. Thank you for sharing your creative journey. Wendy

Charlotte said...

I love that you incorporated an image of your hometown right within your piece! It turned out great! I also really loved the photo tour - the images don't even look real, you're right, it could very well be a movie!

Tracy Collins said...

I loved reading this and seeing your photographs. I lived in Toronto over 20 years ago and that last picture is stunning with the CN Tower in the background. I have only recently discovered resin and that necklace is absolutely fabulous! tracy in the UK

Shaiha said...

Incredible! I don't know what I love more, your necklace or the photos. Any of them would make for a fabulous focal.

Fire Phoenix said...

The photos you've taken are gorgeous! You clearly have a talent for capturing your surroundings. The necklace is amazing, and I think it's a great idea to turn your photos into a piece of art you can wear! What a talent!

Cece Cormier said...

Great reminder and beautiful photography.

Marti C. said...

What beautiful pictures of a lovely place on Earth. The necklace is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

stregajewellry said...

What a gorgeous pendant with a sentiment that is so darn true! Beautiful photos. I too, find I can take a mini vacation in my own backyard, surrounded by beauty. You are truly blessed to live in a place where your spirit can be fed on a daily basis.

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Oh my gosh - your photos are breathtaking!!! It almost makes me want to move ;) I love that you used one of your photos in your pendant - Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your incredible pictures and gorgeous piece!

Alice said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I can see why you love this place. Your pendant is so perfect for this challenge.

Tanya said...

That does look like a gorgeous town. I love your photos and your necklace is beautiful.

Lisa Cone - Inspired Adornments said...

Gorgeous photos and amazing jewelry! I'm sort of in a weather void, so I rarely see these types of changes Mother Nature bestows on us.

kimmykats said...

I came back twice just to look.....Beautiful!!

Maplegirl said...

How wonderful that you used your own photo for your pendant, lovely. I am so interested in weather, so I am in love with your photos. Thanks for sharing. From another Ontarion. Andrea

Caron Michelle said...

Oh wow - what stunning pictures and a glorious place to live - loved reading your post. Fabulous design to compliment the story!

Sandra said...

Gorgeous photos, that's some very impressive weather you got in your paradise! Love the necklace too, and the sentiment it conveys. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

beadrecipes said...

Incredible photos! And I love the one you chose to make your piece.

Maneki said...

Love your photos, they're fab! Really makes you want to be there. And the necklace is just lovely, I like how you used a photo to capture the essence of you home place. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Doucette said...

Carmi, I love how you incorporated your own photo in your pendant. How incredibly special. Taking the photo tour of where you live in Ontario was so fun and I love your design! It allows the pendant to be the star of the show!


TesoriTrovati said...

Miss Carmi! What a fantastic place you live in! I have never been to Canada, but if I get a chance, Caledon will be high on my list! I love the shots that you took of all the weather. It really is marvelous. How beautiful to see such color on a daily basis! Thank you so much for sharing Caledon, Ontario with all of us. I am so happy you joined me on this journey. Enjoy the day! Erin

Monica Lore said...

Those are very lovely pictures Carmi! And to think, just down the road from Ottawa! We had a screaming thunderstorm in the west end last night - lost power for 4 hours. Did you get the storm?

Kashmira said...

Those are some stunning images, Carmi! As is so often the case, we tend to ignore beauty if it is right in our backyards. Am glad you're not one of those who do that!

Love your motto and your necklace :)

ingetraud said...

I finally got my post up and am enjoying hopping. I love your photographs