Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thou Hast Seen Nothing Yet!

This is a post about an up-cycling project.  
If the thought of painting over someone elses painting bothers you you should click away now.

This project began like it normally does for me.  With a simple quote.  
I had been dragging about this printed image of a quote by Spanish poet and play write Miguel de Cervantes (the author of Don Quixote) for quite a while.  It was added to my day timer and on occasion tacked to my computer.  
It resonated with me.  
I needed it to be bigger.

I have been wanting to over-paint something for a while.  The world is full of paint-by-number, mass reproduced and fake oil paintings.  They end up in Good Wills, antique markets and garage sales.  This one had quite a good frame and I knew I could make something special out of it.  All I did was add my sticker letters to the painting surface.

Then I painted over the whole surface.  I used acrylics and then I took it outside and added some spray paint.  
I was a teeny bit little haunted by an ugly scene in Modigliani when the artist discovers Picasso had painted over one of his paintings....well, this painting was not by either of those master artists.  
I am pretty sure it was mass produced overseas.

My finished painting is now hung at eye level.  It is right beside my computer under the watchful eye of Napoleon motivating me to do better everyday!

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