Saturday, April 13, 2013

Love-Locks on the Pont des Arts Bridge

Have you read any of the stories about the love locks on Paris bridges?  I know I have seen several pictures of this concept over this last year. 
NOT ONE explained what was going on properly!
Of course, I imagined that a section of fencing was covered in locks.
I did have a feeling some of the locks would be interesting.
Some of the couples got their locks engraved....
And a few couples must have believed that bigger was better.
So I did expect to see this.
What I did not expect was to see locks on the ENTIRE bridge. 
Both sides, spanning the entire river!
People really want to leave proof of their love in Paris. 
So sad I did not bring a lock. 
Next year, I'll be prepared and I'll be curious to see if there is even an inch of bridge left to hang it.


Monica Lore said...

Fabulous! I wonder though, if the engineers of the bridges took into account the extra weight of the locks!

Carmi said...

Monica, I was wondering the same thing!

ludgera said...

Next time I am in Paris I should bring all my YMCA locks.