Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Beading Links

Resin Crafts!
It is never to late to try and permanently capture Christmas in a vial with resin!
A Bead A Day
Easy & Effortless...two great words and when they describe a jewelry making project, EVEN BETTER! Stop by A Bead A Day for an easy & effortless project idea! Jewelry Making
Time to make the snowmen, as in jewelry and other crafts that is! 
Art Bead Scene
Erin shares a fun and festive free project as part of the Art Bead Scene's 12 Days of Christmas blog project series.
Beading Arts
The parties aren't over yet! Here's how to put together a festive hair ornament!
Jean discusses a project she found while reading her superfun email from Cloth Paper Scissors




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