Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Canadian Give-A-Way - OVER

 Last week I filled you in on all the fun I had a Cropfest making t-shirt yarn (TARN) rings.  Westcott sponsored the event and they gave me a wonderful supply of these bags to give-a-way.
You can put a lot of art supplies in the bag!
A 12 x 12 binder would fit in here.
I held back a few bags to give-a-way here on my blog.  
This is a give-a-way for Canadians only...sorry, shipping these will be pricy.
So if you would like to win one..leave me a happy comment!
Give-a-way over.


The Dixon Chick said...

Here's a happy sparkly thought for you...imagine how many beads and such you could fit in this bag? I think I need to win this to find out!!! LOL.

Deborah W. said...

I'm already filling the bag in my head with alittle of this an a little of that...thanks for the great chance to win this awesome bag.

debbiequilter@hotmail.com said...

What a nice bag to load up with crafting goodies. Thanks for the draw!

Helen Tran said...

Oh, the things I could put in there! All my crystals..... (which I have too many of, according to my husband!).

Beaded Bohemian Crystal Jewellery

Mary Jane said...

I would like to put my needlework project and my Westcott scissors that I purchased from the Shopping Channel.

Carmi said...

Hi everyone! I have a surprise! I have a bag for each of you. Send me your address carmimail@aol.com and these bags will be shipped to you!