Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday in Paris

 Bonjour!  Another morning spent antiquing.
 I saw so many pretty things.
 This is my other favorite dog in Paris.  I do a portrait of him annually now.  He sells postcards.  You have to bypass him in order to take a look at his wares.  I love that his two legged companion doesn't mind that he sits on the cards.  He was dressed for the cool weather today.  He has a nicer coat than most.
 You know I would take these home if I lived in Paris.
Who doesn't love a mask....let along a box of them.  Bet this was someones whole collection.
This market seems to be expanding.  Instead of just the one long street, there seems to be a lot of joiners on the side streets now too. 
This was the only booth I shopped at today.  A huge pile of vintage plastic and buttons.....I'll have projects galore when I get home!
This man was working so hard.
Street art is risky.
Especially on a day like to today when it was threatening to rain.  Happily, it didn't. The sun came and went all afternoon.  I also spent some time at the Museum of Decorative Arts, more on that another time.


Joanne Huffman said...

I always look forward to your Paris posts.

Anonymous said...

do u think there will be a volume ll? you capture the aura of the city...enjoy.. lana cano kloch

Irene said...

This looks like a perfect Sunday.

suzannecarillo said...

{sigh} how I wish I were in Paris today! Enjoy : )