Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Most Expensive Item

Whenever I go to an antique market I have an idea of what my budget is.  It is one of the few times I carry cash.  A few weeks ago, I thought I would be leaving the market having only spent $12.  My last stop was in a stall that is always chock a block with jewels.  It was so hot I ventured into the covered section.  It's harder to see in there, but the shade was a blessing.  I spotted this tiny glass pendant.  The blue caught my eye and since it was in a locked box, I knew it would be pricey. 
The vendor was so happy I noticed it.  It was one of her favorites.  To my surprise it was a double-sided pendant.  Even more surprising...everything was crafted with feathers.  Truly a lucky one a kind find.  Now cash less I was happy to head home with this tiny item in my wallet.

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maneki said...

Cool pendant! At first, I just glanced at the pics without reading and thought "very nice painted bird" and then "oh, hold on that's not painted. Is it a collage, layered paper cutouts? Carved? No. Isn't that... feathers? Cool!" I like it a lot! In fact, now I feel like finding some feathers and try this myself, "painting" with feathers.

Wax Beach Artist said...

That is a very beautiful pendant, a lucky find!