Thursday, June 02, 2011

We Stop For Horses

 Could there be a friendlier welcoming committee?
As we drove through the winding roads south east of Paris we saw one fabulous vista after another.
The roads are not very wide.  You have to pay attention because at any minute a big truck might be heading towards you on the opposite side of the road.  It never felt like there was enough room for two of us on the same road.
 But when I saw these horses at a distance I just had to yell "stop."  My friend Melanie, who is an excellent driver, pulled off on the side of the road immediately!  A risky proposition given that cars sneak up behind you when you least expect them.
 The horses galloped right over.  Perhaps they were used to visitors.  The white horse was magical.
I was sad we did not have apples to offer.  Next time we drive through the south of France I plan to pack fruit!

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