Friday, April 22, 2011

My Paris Dog - Still On Duty

 Every year at the antique market I hold my breath.  There is an area I look through hoping to see my favorite Paris Golden retriever.  He works here and until I see him I am anxious.  Last year he looked very old.  But he was still on duty this spring!  How happy I was to see him again.  It has been seven years since we first met.  How amazing it is to see him year after year.  That's what makes Paris such a special place for me.
I really hope to see him here always.


nancy said...

i'm so glad he's still there, too!!
he looks happy and healthy!

Sharon said...

I'm sure he waits for you every year. He knows you're a Golden person.

Susan Williamson said...

How sweet is this! He's obviously an old dog but still full of spirit. It gives me hope for Lily.

CathWren said...

Love the book Carmi! It was just gifted by my friend Lana and I am over the moon. I actually have a collage retreat and workshop planned for the fall in Paris, and much of what you share in your book is on our itinerary. I just put a link to your book on my workshop blog and alerted members of our group about it.