Monday, September 27, 2010

My Frida Book Bags

Since I am in an unusual craft show next month I have had a wonderful time giving in to my love of all things Frida Kahlo.

The cotton bags have an image I printed and sewed to the bag and then it is surrounded by a whole group of embroideries.

Each bag is different and I don't know how to price them.

Would you participate in the survey I put at the top of my blog today?
Update! Thanks to everyone who participated in my survey!!


Andrée Lachapelle said...

Hi, those bags are fabulous! I voted for $18 but honestly, I think you could charge $28 with a clear conscience. Well done!

DeeAnne said...

Carmi! These bags are fabulous! I think you will sell out quickly at $18 a piece. I agree that you could easily charge $28 and still sell them all.

donnajean said...

They are beautiful...and I would also go higher than least 25.

LensVerse said...

My wife would love these. Carmi, I really like the way you show art can be practical. You do it with care and good taste, as opposed to pure commercial interest. You put your heart into your work and it shows. The fact that they can be put to good use is a great bonus! Keep up the good work!

ENJAY said...

They are soo soo lovely!!
You are very clever and love how all the bits on the bag flow together!
They'd sell her for atleast £25-£30 probably under estimate!!.

Anonymous said...

These bags are gorgeous! I'm sure you'll sell them all! Love, Dove