Thursday, December 11, 2008

Henry's Sticky-Back Wives

You would have to read my blog regularly to get that title!
I said I would be experimenting with Claudine Hellmuth's new Sticky-back canvas this week. I was hoping for a chance to run it through my ink jet printer...and boy, did it ever work! These are my new ornaments featuring Henry the Eight's wives.

When I put sticky-back canvas into my web store, I knew I would get some questions by email. So now I can say "YES! it runs through a home printer perfectly!" The wives all look sharp and the colour is excellent. And, as you may have noted in my last entry, it sews beautifully. Having the sticky side means that when I position my image on doesn't slip when I sew.
I already have a set of Henry's wives as ornaments...but it's hard to tell which wife is which. At least Anne has her "B" necklace for distinction.

I am working on this pan right now. It's almost finished. It's my second lady finger pan of the wives. I have just a little bit more work to do on the Henry section before I do a final resin pour.


irenka said...

Love your pan. You are so generous with your instruction. thank you.

Dale said...

After watching season one and two of the tudors, i find myself completely fascinated by the wives of Henry the 8th. What is it about them that draws us so strongly?

Your pan idea is fabulous. I love the idea of using the pan like that. So, are you using it as a mould or do they stay in once they have been resined?

Carmi said...

The ladies are permanently encased in resin...but since it took hours to find their images and photoshop them...I can do another pan anytime I want to!